Dear all,

Just to give you a heads up about Metanomics. Last year we reached an agreement with them to distribute their shows at the Community. Now, last week we have taken a step up. We will be a Metanomics Event Partner. 

Metanomics has thousands of followers and is the most important hub of discussion and activities around technology, economics and education in virtual worlds. It is sponsored by Cornell University and several high profile Companies and in world Communities act as event partners. 

Metanomics flagship activity is a weekly show, hosted on Wednesdays at noon Pacific Time. We will be one of several locations where the show can be watched live. Additionally we will host a repeat on Saturday mornings at Noon CET, which is a more suitable time for the European audience. We will be advertised as an event partner, as well as our Saturday encore. We expect that this will bring visitors to East River and help us to raise the profile of our Community.

If you have any queries or suggestions about the subject, don't hesitate to contact me.