East River’s resident GinnerDave Mohindi has opened a 7 Seas fishing station at Hardknott Marina. Here is his opening promo:

7 Seas Fishing has just sailed into the East River Community at Hardknott.

7 Seas isn’t just for the fishing mad, with its crazy fish, ducks mermaids and other wierd and wonderful catches it is a really addictive game in itself. For those who have never had a go at it, it only costs L$1 for a demo rod, or if you IM GinnerDave Mohindi first I can make sure that you get it for free!

If you have fun with fishing at the Hardknott Marina, you can take part in some fishing competition with linden prizes and maybe the odd random object thrown in too.

Please visit at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hardknott/164/11/22