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The East River Municipal Airport has been open for some time in the eastern reaches of the Community.  Located just south of the Brooks Forest, it is close enough to be convenient for travelers arriving and departing the region, yet respectfully far enough from the villages of the ERC that noise is not a concern.

The airport is open to all aviators, with temporary public aircraft parking located at the southeast corner of the field.  There are also several aircraft tiedowns for rent at the north side of the airfield; some tiedowns are under weather shelters, and two are openair.  Rental information is available at each tiedown, as well as the airport administration building at the base of the control tower.  All rental proceeds go directly into the operation and expenses of the ERC.

ERMA is also a travel point of entry and exit, with a terminal building located at the southwest corner of the field offering ticketing and baggage services, a departure lounge, and concessions, as well as bicycles for transportation into the Community.  The terminal is at the east end of the lane that runs east from the Muirhead Village.  Charter flights are occasionally available via Aeromiao to most destinations within Sansara. 

The Second Life Coast Guard also maintains a presence at the East River Municipal Airport, operating as Air Station Muirhead a variety of fixed and rotary-winged aircraft from a hangar at the northwest corner of the field.

For further information, please contact inworld Elisha Paklena, Airport General Manager.

The East River Municipal Airport is at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Munck/10/219/34