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Update: this parcel has been sold.
If you are looking for a nice place to live and be part of a nice community, please inquire. There are several parcels for sale in our area.


After 3 years of friendly and peaceful coexistence, our dear neighbors of The Chalet group are moving to a new location. Our relation with The Chalet group has always been a positive one, as we always shared a common interest in keeping our corner on mainland as nice as possible. I have had many long, interesting conversations with Soen Eber and in more than one occasion had the opportunity to experience Branwyn Cassady’s kindness and generosity. The East River Community would like to express its best wishes to the kind people of The Chalet group.

As with many changes, opportunities arise as well. Thaddeus Nadeau, a member of our community, has purchased a large part of The Chalet’s land. We are in talks about having his land as part of our federation of groups. We are very excited about this opportunity as this would be the first time the community would expand through the association of a new member. Stay tuned for further news on this.

The Chalet group has still some land to sell. The parcel is located in the Macclaine region on Mainland, the Sansara continent. It’s waterfront, 12,976 sqm in size, rated mature. Beside our community, other places of interest are the Mowry Bay Yacht Club (MBYC) and the Sea of Fables. The rivers and the Sea of Fables are fully navigable, making the area a good location for Second Life sailors. You may be able to negotiate a purchase for a smaller part. A beautiful, unique custom-made japanese house is comprised in the price (visible in the pictures at the bottom).


The parcel may be of interest to anyone who wants to have a nice location in Second Life in a well preserved area, while being in contact with a community of people with many interests. An artist or anyone involved in cultural activities who has an interest in preserving and beautify Second Life mainland would be welcome. We are also interested in having more people join our community and we will take into serious consideration any request. If you are looking for a place in Second Life to live and/or work in a nice area and in close contact with friendly and interesting people, come over to have a look at the parcel in Macclaine. For further information please contact Indigo Mertel or the land owner Branwyn Cassady inworld.