On January 10th, 2011 Elisha Paklena, Indigo Mertel and Mark Cassini, founding members of the East River Community, have created the East River Community Steering Committee. The Committee is the new governing body of the community and its members will be called to vote on all matters related to the community governance.


As a first act, the Committee has approved the East River Community Charter, a document that defines the community’s founding principles and standards, its political form as a federate union of partially self-governing groups and/or land owners and its governance guidelines. The Community Charter can be viewed here.

The next steps of the Committee will be voting on the affiliations requests made by some of our neighbors.


Founded on April 28th 2008 by Elisha Paklena, Espresso Saarinen, Indigo Mertel and Mark Cassini, the East River Community is a federation of land-holding groups that extends over 5 regions on the Sansara continent in Second Life. Currently the groups that have agreed on the creation of the Steering Committee and the Community’s new governing asset are the East River Community group and the Great Tree of Mowry group. We are waiting for an answer on the affiliations of the MBYC Community Land Trust and the Morwy Land Trust groups and we are currently voting for the affiliation of the Hidden Hollow group.