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The East River Committee had its first to vote for the affiliation request made by Thaddeus Nadeau and The Hidden Hollow Group. On January 17th the last vote was casted and I am happy to announce that the request has been approved unanimously. The Steering Committee welcomes Thaddeus Nadeau and The Hidden Hollow Group to our community.

With the affiliation of The Hidden Hollow Group the community expands into the Bradmoor region and further into the Macclaine region. We also annex a nice village with several stores, a cafe and a lovely landscape. We are happy to have Thaddeus with us, as a person who shares our interest in preserving our corner of Mainland.

If you are interested in being part of a nice community dedicated to the preservation of our area and the creation of an open collaborative convivial space, sharing resources and skills, please read our community charter and inquiry inworld by sending an IM to Indigo Mertel.