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Helvellyn Musical Events is proud to present

Mason Thorne live at Holly Golightly’s Cafe Wednesday, May 4th at 4 PM SLT

Are you a resident of Second Life? Click here to go to the cafe

Mason plays mostly folk music but you might get lucky and hear something from this century as well. Mason is a true son of Poseidon. After winning a wager with his father involving a 60ft. wave, Poseidon in an angry rage, cast him off to live in virtual reality with a toon family. After his new family was destroyed in a horrible pixel thresher accident ‘lil Mason rode the rails and learned to be a virtual hobo going sim to sim singing for his soup.

During his time on the road, he hooked up with a mysterious band of cloaked travelers (now known as The Mason Family). Mason has spent most of his life with this roaming band of gypsy minstrels (the vampire rumors were never proven) learning their ways, and going village to village entertaining the town folks with sing-a-longs and improv plays, (which he still enjoys doing today). Mason spends most of his time now relaxing in his Second Life barn with the Mason Family making music and playing gigs around SL.