The East River Community is committed to support organizations in Second Life and for this reason we are sponsors of the Leeward Cruising Club and are happy to host one of their outpost at Port Kirkstone. If you are into leisure cruising and would enjoy a nice way to explore Second Life in good company, I highly recommend you join the Leeward Cruising Club. Please search for it inworld to join.


The Leeward Cruising Club will have one of their cruises tomorrow, ending at the East River Community. A party will follow at the Holly Golightly’s Cafe. Borday Moo will be the party dj. You are welcome to join both the cruise and the party, here are the details:

East River Cruise

28 June 2011, 5 pm

For this cruise we pack up the boats and head for Sansara! We will first cool off from the summer heat by rezzin in Svan in the Icy bay.

We will then sail to the East River via the Sea of Fables.

Borday will play tunes for us at the Holly Golightly’s Cafe in Helvellyn

Start: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Svan/233/195/22



Banlines: Marked in Red on the chart.  Be very careful between icy bay and fabled sea

Rezz Zones: There are a quite a few, one I found in blue on the map.

Suggested wind is from the Southeast at 18 knots.
On a Trudeau this is /x set wind 135 9.25
On an old Trudeau this is /x set wind 315 9.25
On a Bwind its SE then 18 — so easy

No one left on the Dock!!!!