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The East River Community is one of the most beautiful and well built up places in all of Second Life. And there are multiple places for you to come and not only join in, but live and become a part of this thriving community!

Indigo Mertel and Xi Larnia have created some of the most luxurious and well situated rental properties that you can imagine. If you sail or boat you will be thrilled with the properties offered here. Not only are you getting a place to live you are getting a place to keep your boat as well. Imagine being able to be right there next to the water at all times! Even if you do not boat we still have places for you too!

Come on out here and see what the ERC has to offer you!

Properties like these will not last long!
ERC Rentals_001

ERC Rentals_002

ERC Rentals_003

ERC Rentals_004

ERC Rentals_008

ERC Rentals_005

ERC Rentals_006

ERC Rentals_007