You are invited to dance with us at Holly Golightly’s Cafe with DJ Sun on Thursday September 26 and Thursday October 3 from 1 PM SLT.

Taxi to Holly Golightly’s Cafe:

DJ Sun spins jazzy tunes from South Africa

DJ Sun spins jazzy tunes from South Africa

DJ Sun is part of Sunvibes, a small Second Life project that helps you explore music from all over the world – sounds that will teach you traditional melodies, and beats and show you how they evolved over the years into modern styles. Sunvibes is a group of friends that like to dance together or share fun chats, discuss the ways of the world, or get creative in the many many ways Second Life & Real Life allows us to do so.

Most of us are members of a few great old Second Life communities so if you get to know us – you will meet and learn about these communities also. The Sunvibes club is our HQ – though we travel all corners of the grid – wherever we get invited to play these funky tunes. To get an idea of the selection of music we dance to – visit our website, Facebook page, Google+ page, playlists. To see how we party – check our Flickr images 🙂
Come join the fun!

For more information on Sunvibes:

Enjoy the vibes,
Sunny Sza