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East River is a federation of land owners who join forces in order to share resources and collaborate for the common goal of preserving and beautify our corner of Mainland and be part of a vibrant community. With time the number of land owners who bought land in our area to be part of our community has increased to the current number of seven.

There is now a chance to be part of our community by buying land in our area: long time Second Life resident Alyssa Bijoux, owner of the Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry shopping mall in Kirkstone, is selling a 11184 sqm parcel in region Skiddaw. You can see the parcel marked in this picture:

Land for sale inSkiddaw

Land for sale in Skiddaw

Alyssa has a second smaller parcel for sale in Kirkstone. If you are interested please contact Alyssa Bijoux or Indigo Mertel inworld.

Please note: acceptance in our community is not automatic. In order to be part of it you must meet our requirements and must submit a request for approval. You can find further information on our approval process here