You are invited to the opening of Saudade, an exhibit by Giovanna Cerise at the Art’e Gallery in the East River Community, November 1st 2013 at 1.30 PM SLT.

Saudade Giovanna Cerise“SAUDADE is the desire of something beautiful that by the time you realize you know that is ending. The two dancers are captured in the final moment of their tango. The couple is multiplied in its isolation to prolong indefinitely the time of pleasure and sadness. The physical and emotional tension brings them almost to crushing, but ready to begin again, in uncontrollable obsession.”

Giovanna Cerise is a teacher of Italian literature and Latin and a musician in Real Life. She joined Second Life in 2008 and immediately started playing with prims. Her artistic career in Second Life started in june 2009 and she exhibited in several galleries and important art events.