I would like to announce full production for Feral Marine.

We have a line up of 6 vessels.

Feral Marine Lineup_001In Production…

The Patrol Boat Version 1 (second boat from left is version 2)

36 foot patrol_002Currently for sale for $L1500 on the Second Life marketplace (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/36-Foot-Patrol-Boat/5750963)

In testing… (These boats have been scripted and are waiting on beta test results to make sure they are perfect before bringing them to market)

Harbor Transport Boat (4th boat from the left)

Feral Marine Lineup_002Engine Installation… (These ships are being scripted by our engineering department of Elisha Paklena)

Patrol Boat Version 2 (2nd boat from the left)

Feral Marine Lineup_003This boat features a UV mapped hull, working police lights and sirens with multiple options. and new water jet engines which offer better handling among other benefits

BUSL (Boat Utility Stern Loading) (3rd from left)

Feral Marine Lineup_004This boat will feature the same MYOW (Motor Yacht Operating Widget) engine that we all know and love as well as be able to deploy buoys!

In Development… (These boats are in various stages of development. In other words coming very soon!)

America’s Cup Committee Boat (5th from left)

Feral Marine Lineup_005This boat was a request from Don Berithos from the Seychelles Isles. It has been completed but remains unscripted. This boat can be seen in world manning the America’s Cup race lines! The timer clocks on the sides and stern of the ship will be scripted to work with the race lines in SL made by Hay Ah.

Feral Whaler (1st on left)

Feral Marine Lineup_006A small vessel that is in development still. It is very close to completion. This was a request made by Ariana Blackheart based off a Boston Whaler Guardian design. This boat will feature working emergency lights and the same MYOW engine used by all of our boats.

Right now there is one more boat in the early stages of development. this boat will be a collaborative effort between Feral Marine, F-Guard, and Foilborne Industries (Ape Piaggio). All I will say about it right now is that it will have working water cannons.

As you can see there are big things in store for Feral Marine and we are working hard to make work boats for Second Life that are fun and realistic. All of these boats can be seen at the East River Borough (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pippen/148/211/26)