The passengers preparing to embark on the next leg of their journey, nonstop to Desdemona, Nautilus from gate A4.

Tonight, the East River Intercontinental Airport played host to a SL first; the first scheduled transcontinental air service from Bay City (Sansara) to St. Martin (Blake Sea).  This was made possible by the Sansara-Nautilus air service connecting ERIA with Desdemona Airfield in Nautilus. 

Vulture Connection flight 548, a 737-800, departed Bay City shortly after 1800 SLT with a load of paying passengers; it touched down at ERIA 25 minutes later and was marshalled by the ERIA ground crew to gate A2.  All passengers disembarked and were escorted by Vulture Air staff to their connecting flight to Desdemona at A4, and departed from there at 1842 SLT.

The management and crew of ERIA wish to thank Float Follet for making this sort of connection possible, as well as the incredible staff of Vulture Air for coordinating this transfer at Sansara’s newest, best international airport.

Grizzley, Gracie, Slim, and Jenipher – I hope you enjoy the rest of your flight and thank you for visiting the East River Community.

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