ERIA terminal phase 3 construction



ERIA terminal phase 3 construction :

The temporary pedestrian path through the phase 3 construction area, with the new terminal entrance hall behind.

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Tonight, the East River Intercontinental Airport played host to…



The passengers preparing to embark on the next leg of their journey, nonstop to Desdemona, Nautilus from gate A4.

Tonight, the East River Intercontinental Airport played host to a SL first; the first scheduled transcontinental air service from Bay City (Sansara) to St. Martin (Blake Sea).  This was made possible by the Sansara-Nautilus air service connecting ERIA with Desdemona Airfield in Nautilus. 

Vulture Connection flight 548, a 737-800, departed Bay City shortly after 1800 SLT with a load of paying passengers; it touched down at ERIA 25 minutes later and was marshalled by the ERIA ground crew to gate A2.  All passengers disembarked and were escorted by Vulture Air staff to their connecting flight to Desdemona at A4, and departed from there at 1842 SLT.

The management and crew of ERIA wish to thank Float Follet for making this sort of connection possible, as well as the incredible staff of Vulture Air for coordinating this transfer at Sansara’s newest, best international airport.

Grizzley, Gracie, Slim, and Jenipher – I hope you enjoy the rest of your flight and thank you for visiting the East River Community.

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I was rewarded with a nice flight from Abbotts back to the ERC…



I was rewarded with a nice flight from Abbotts back to the ERC tonight.  Not too many passengers in back, fairly clear air enroute except for a small clot of storms over Meins, and a little bit of a round and round in a holding pattern.  I love coming back to the River, where home and a hot bath awaits this jetlagged kitty.

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Join the East River Community Forum on Google+


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Do you know that our community has a public forum? Well, now you know! There you can find news about our community, the most relevant Second Life news and some building tips for those into it. Merchants are welcome to promote their wares in it (please, only store tenants in the community). You can ask questions, get in touch with community staff. Do you want to share your opinions on Linden Lab’s plans for a new virtual world? Post your comments in the forum!

Anyone is welcome, no need to be a member of our community. Join us here:

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Synergy, by Natsha Lemton, art exhibit at Art’e Gallery Saturday 27th 1 PM SLT


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Art’e Gallery is proud to present to you the wonderful and engaging work of Natsha Lemton, Saturday 28th at 1:00 pm SLT. The Gallery is very excited to showcase this delightful rendition of personalities from SL. Please come enjoy the beautiful gallery and experience a piece of artist heaven.

Please join us at

Poster_01Natsha (Nats her nickname) is a young French artist born on the coast of Brittany. Daughter of storms, rain and sea, she has inherited from the wild and dreamy temperament that characterizes her country. Her paintings full of strength and energy are strongly influenced by artists such as Andy Warhol, Tony Soulie, F. Dilasser, D. Hunter and N. Nussle. Now she tries to compose sculptures, veritable invitation to meditation and repose of the soul. His motto in her second life “art, love and the love of art. ”

Natsha (Nats son surnom) est une jeune artiste française née sur la côte bretonne. Fille des tempêtes, de la pluie et de la mer, elle a hérité du tempérament sauvage et rêveur qui caractérise son pays. Ses tableaux pleins de force et d’energie sont fortement influencés par des artistes tels que Andy Warhol,Tony Soulie, F.Dilasser, D.Humer et N.Nussle. Elle tente à présent de composer des sculptures, veritable invitation à la méditation et au repos de l’âme. Sa devise dans sa seconde vie ” l’art, l’amour et l’amour de l’art “.

East River Community at SLB11

SL11B Beguile #12_ East River Community

June 22nd at 12 noon sets the opening of the SL11B birthday celebrations. This year the East River Community is present with its own booth. We’re at Beguile plot number 12. Here a SLURL to visit our booth:

Happy 11th birthday Second Life!

Paula Cloudpainter’s Opening Art Exhibit at Visions of Beauty

Paula's _ Vision of Beauty Art Complex, Whinlatter (139, 47, 7

Paula’s art is new to Second Life. She has a rich history of artistic development in Real Life, beginning with moments with her artist mother who gave her the desire of art and watched as her abilities blossomed. She attended college to study painting, photography and design. She is blessed with the ability to work in multiple media. Her work expresses changes in mood, how light changes and also the movement of the universe.

The event will begin today June 22 at 11 AM SLT and continue to 3 PM SLT. At 1 PM SLT (Pacific time) her dear friend deceptionsdigital(DD)will perform at the opening celebration.

The event will take place at the Vision of Beauty gallery: .