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East River Community is proud to announce the opening of the exhibit at Art’e Gallery November, 6th, 1 PM SLT. The exhibit is curated by Oema.

Please join us at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Helvellyn/68/228/31


Doll (dolletjes resident)

Doll works the images she captures on Second Life. The choice of places and points that decides to immortalize is exquisite, delicate and essential as her.

If I were to give a synthetic “definition” of her unique way to making art, I would say that it is “calm”. Its’ a quiet style, the choice of images, colors she uses to give meaning and outline to her artistic subject.

Scrolling through her images on Flickr, it is impossible not to notice that her subjects are mainly landscapes, instants that contain the essence of a moment. That moment, that was to be reproduced and expressed as close as possible to the emotional state of the artist in that time.

A way to representing the “stolen moments”, the shots captured, it appears right now, “delicate”.

And that’s how you let soak, conquer, by her way to seeing the world, to the point that, watching her for a instant from her point of view, you feel for a moment like her, calm, quiet, delicate and full of a fine sensitivity.

White landscapes, candid, inhabited by solitary figures, in some cases by herself as the protagonist of the scene, but also places dreamy, lonely, surreal, geometrical shapes.

Idyllic visions of suspended moments.

The landscapes of Doll are never environments steeped in luxury and wealth, on the contrary, glimpses of a life essential, where one senses that the environment is lived, if not hardship, great effort.

The presence of those solitary, in her first most of the time, is a symbol, perhaps, of the intention of the artist to represent the loneliness of man, her loneliness, immersed in thoughts about transfigured in the blur of the surrounding area and White colorless.

And here, perhaps, the message that Doll wants to send through the stillness of the landscape: the man must not only watch, but must observe, not to simply be a presence-absence, but be alive and participant of those everyday moments that often observed casually.

Jam (gypsyjam01 resident)

I enjoy working with all mediums – acrylics are definitely my favourite although inks and wash, watercolours are close contenders….

I regard myself as a ‘jobbing artist’ who can turn her hand to most genres. Whether effects, tromp l’oeil, sculpture, fine or graphic art…

I have had quite a few private commissions for large murals in the past and love the effect such large works have.

I am also a colour-aholic. I love vibrant scenes that represent the way we see as children.

Contact me if you would like to see more….