Visit in Second Life

The East River Community is located on the north-east of the Sansara Continent, at the convergence of the East River and Little East River, overlapping both the Hidden Lakes and Great Lakes areas. We are on the east of the Mowry Bay and the Mowry Bay Yacht Club and north of the Sea of Fables. You can see our location on this very nice map of the continent made by Icarus Fallen. The East River area is marked with obliques yellow stripes.


The location is in a historical area of Second Life. We trace our roots from Mowry Bay, a landmark of the sailing community. The following map shows the extension of the community at the date reported on it.


To visit our community, please use the following SLURL:

Not a member of Second Life? You can join for free. If you wish to visit our community after you joined and don’t know how to move around you can ask for assistance by sending a message to Indigo Mertel.

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