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What is East River about? The main goal of East River is to create an open, collaborative, convivial space where we can grow our personal projects and form new relationships, friendships, partnerships, and organizations. The community encourages residents and non residents to collaborate and be involved. The community offers its resources to anyone willing to start business and cultural initiatives. And, we collaborate to do all this in a pleasing environment.

What does this mean to you? It means that there are different ways for you to be part of it. You can be a land owner, a resident, a collaborator or a supporter. Or, you may be looking for support for a project. Here we will outline some profiles which may suggest what role you can have within our community. However, should none of the following profiles match what you have in mind we encourage you to contact Indigo Mertel inworld for advice.

First of all, let me briefly explain what the community is: East River is a federation of groups, each group was founded by one or more land owners who joined forces and resources to create and preserve an harmonic area on the Sansara continent, moving away from the typical chaos of Second Life Mainland. Essentially, the land owners are the stakeholders of the community and are members of the Steering Committee overseeing the organization of the community. In addition, the community is made by a number of residents and collaborators. We have a loose hierarchical structure, our organization is based on few rules and a lot of good will and spirit of collaboration. We value friendship, respect and good relations and we can proudly say that since its foundation in 2008 we have never experienced any serious conflict. East River is a drama-free community. Please, bear this in mind before considering being part of our community: rude, pushy, over-ambitious people are not welcome.

Here are some profiles which may fit your interest. For further information please contact Indigo Mertel inworld.

  • Resident
  • Merchant
  • Entrepreneur
  • Cultural project planner
  • Other projects planner
  • Role playing
  • Collaborator
  • Land owner
  • Friend, supporter


Being a resident in the community is easy. There are a number of houses for rent, just pick one you like and pay the rent to the rental box. By being a resident in the community not only you’ll set home in a lovely area, you will also contribute to cover a part of the considerable costs land owners have to pay to Linden Lab for the land tier. You can rent a house for as long as you want and leave whenever you want, no obligation.


A number of stores are available for rent in the community. In addition to the stores, the community can offer some promotional support through our blog, our activity on social networks and through other means.


The community has a number of resources which can be used by entrepreneurs, such as: art galleries, cafes, disco clubs, stages for public events, etc. If you are an event manager or entrepreneur looking for a space to be used for your needs, please come to talk to us. If we don’t have the space you need we may build it.

Cultural project planner

Do you need a place where to organize regular cultural activities for your group? If you can bring some regular visitors to our community we may have a place for you.

Other projects planner

Our community has airports, ports, nautical stations, a port authority, a railway, waterways, space stations, and vast areas. We are open to suggestions and collaborations with other groups and we can offer our resources for different projects. You don’t need to be part of our community to collaborate with us.

Role playing

East River is not a role playing community, however, the community hosts some role playing groups. Currently, we host the East River Port Authority, the Second Life Civil Protection, the Second Life Underwater Marine Agency, the Virtual Coast Guard. In the community we have nautical stations, airports, a space port and a number of space stations. Please, inquiry with Indigo Mertel inworld if you are interested in joining one of the hosted groups or wish to use our facilities for your role playing activities.


We are always looking for people willing to help. Collaborators are people volunteering their time because they want to be part and contribute to the community. We mostly need event managers and public relation people but we are open to suggestions for other forms of collaborations. Please understand that running the community is expensive and none of the land owners make any money out of it, thus we cannot offer paid positions. In some cases we may be able to share revenues with event managers.

In order to be a collaborator you must have some skills: being autonomous and able to deliver with little input, being able to collaborate with others for shared tasks, being able to promote your activity through Second Life promotional channels and through our blog on the web.

One important thing for collaborators to understand is that in East River we don’t care about performance, we care about quality. If you want to be a collaborator and you are a hyper, over-achieving, goal-driven person we are not the right community for you. Outsiders may think nothing happens in the community or that things have a slow pace. This may be true at times, but you need to consider that community officers are busy people, many of them working on personal projects, and there is always RL to deal with. We need people who can work with us and not against us, people who don’t force other community officers to deal with extra work. If you think you can fit in well, then come talk to us.

Land owner

If you own land or are interested in buying land in close proximity of our community you can apply to be a member through our affiliation program. What are the advantages? Being a member of the community gives you several advantages without any relevant constraint. You keep full ownership of the land, you are not required to deed the land to any group and can bail out of the community at any time without any loss of your properties.

If you care about improving the quality of living and aesthetics of our corner of Mainland you’ll find a strong ally in the community. We collaborate, share resources and you’ll have access to our promotional channels and facilities.

You’ll be part of a community that will help you defending your interests with better leverage power. As a member you’ll be part of our Steering Committee with right to vote on all decisions affecting the community. Our community charter clearly defines all your rights and responsibilities with full transparency.

Please, note that your request to be a member must be approved by the Steering Committee and it is not automatic. You must comply to our community standards and submit a formal request.

Please, read our charter for our requirements. For any question please send a message inworld to Indigo Mertel.

Our admission process requires that you submit a formal request. Your request will be voted for approval by the Steering Committee. To submit your request, please visit this page.

Friend, supporter

We understand not everyone is willing to be fully committed to our community. Fear not, there is still room for you. If you believe in our project and wish to keep in touch, be informed on community news and participate to our events, you can follow this blog and/or join our East River Friendship Society group.

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