About Us

The East River Community (ERC) is a federation of groups located on the Sansara continent in Second Life. It was founded on April 28th 2008, though the community traces its roots back to 2006 as a sailing friendly community with the MBYC Community Land Trust group, of which it is the direct descendent. Sailing activities are still part of the community charter.

As a federation, the community is constituted by a number of groups. Currently, the groups that are part of the federation are (in order of affiliation):

  • East River Community
  • Great Tree of Mowry
  • dj12 first land
  • East River Vineyards
  • East River Borough
  • Dark Pleasures Estates
  • East River Landscapes
  • Wilderness Ranch

Our intent is to create an open, collaborative, convivial space where we can grow our personal projects and form new relationships, friendships, partnerships, and organizations. The community encourages residents and non residents to collaborate and be involved. The community offers its resources to anyone willing to start business and cultural initiatives.

Our intent is to also enhance the Second Life Mainland experience by demonstrating that an attractive residential and commercial environment can be created purely through resident action. Additionally, the beach and recreational areas have been equipped with a variety of free-access zero-cost boating and water activities, that provide a rich new user destination.

The ERC offers to its residents and visitors art galleries, a cafe, public venues, nice scenery, a vast area to explore, horse riding on our horse tracks network, shopping and residential areas, music concerts, nautical and community events, a safe harbor for Mainland cruises and an airport.

Our aims are:

  • sponsoring arts and cultural activities
  • establishing partnerships with relevant Second Life cultural organizations
  • providing a balanced, coherent and aesthetically pleasing environment
  • improving the quality of living and aesthetics of our area on Mainland
  • promoting sailing activities

We believe in freedom, respect and solidarity.

We are a community!

If you are a resident of Second Life click here to visit the East River Community in Second Life.

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