Residential Rental Information

The East River Community (ERC) is a federation of groups founded in 2008 and located in a scenic area laying at the intersection of two rivers and spans over several regions on the Sansara continent in Second Life.

We strive for quality and a friendly atmosphere and have created a lively community with cultural events and various activities. We are constantly committed to improve things and want our tenants to be happy.

Welcome to our community.


For vacancies please contact Indigo Mertel, Xi Larnia or Elisha Paklena inworld.

Residential Rental Information

  • The rent and prim allowance are as indicated by the rental box.
  • You can share your unit with friends and/or partners. You can add an additional resident by using the command available through the rental box.
  • Do you want to have a party? You can use our venues for your own events for free. We have some locations available. Please inquire.
  • We encourage our residents to participate in the community. You are welcome to share any interest you have with the rest of the community and use our venues for your initiatives.
  • Before renting please read the following Residential Rental Agreement & Community Rules.

Residential Rental Agreement and Community Rules

  • You must comply with Second Life Terms of Service and Community Standards.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: Please, keep the number of your items within the prim allowance assigned to you. If you exceed your prim allowance we may request that you remove a number of objects . If the exceeding prims are not removed in due time we will return objects in excess at our discretion.
  • The clear boundaries of the leased space shall be observed. That is, no primitives shall grossly protrude through the floor, walls, roof or into the walkway/flyway spaces. This also applies to particles.
  • No scripts causing excessive load on the region are allowed (most common devices are fine).

Failure to meet these terms will be judged by the management. If a tenant is judged to be in breech, they will be notified by the management of the problem and given a reasonable time to respond and rectify the problem. Failure to meet these terms within an acceptable time period will result in termination of this agreement.

Residential Group Rules

The East River Community is a federation of groups, thus each group may have some specific residential group rules. In order to know which of the following group rules may apply to you, find the name of the group where the house you want to rent is located and check the group rules listed here Group rules are not cumulative, each group has its own set of rules that apply only with the group land. If rules for the a specific group are not listed here then only the general rules apply.

East River Community

  • No guns or any other device meant to harm or attack other people. We are a peaceful group.
  • Each residential unit has its own parcel with independent media streaming. You can set your own video and music streams.
  • Additional prims may be negotiated with group managers when and where available.
  • We are a nautical-friendly group. We promote and support boat sailing in Second Life. All resident can moor one boat at our piers for free. Please note: this is on a first come first served basis and bound to restrictions should the number of free prims become critical. The management may ask you to remove your boat or move it to one of a regions with group land with more free prims.

Trees of Mowry

  • As a renter of an apartment pod in the Trees, you are entitled to 150 prims. If you exceed this amount, the rental system will notify you. We would appreciate it if you stay within this limit. If for any reason you need to temporarily exceed this amount, please notify management at least a day before your anticipated overuse with the amount you foresee using above your 150. Management reserves the right to remove without notice objects which cause an overuse of a tenant’s prim amounts.
  • You may set your apartment’s music stream to one of your own choosing (or opt for management to do it for you), as well as install radio and television type devices. These devices MUST be deeded to the “Great Tree of Mowry” group in order to operate correctly; check with the instructions for your particular device for further information. Additionally, we do not prohibit sound devices that play music and sounds and the like, as long as they do not cause complaints from other tenants or neighbors in the area (sound spam).
  • If you use particle effects, please try within all reason to keep them within the confines of your rental unit.
  • We place no limits on the number of people who may live with you (set home) in your rental pod; however for technical reasons we can only accept two named renters on the lease for each pod, and it is the named renters whose will be able to rez objects in the apartment and whose prims are counted against the lease.
  • The rental period is a one week minimum, and can be paid in advance up to six weeks. Rent is non-refundable.
  • We reserve the express right to terminate a rental without notice or refund, should the need arise.
  • Should your or others in your unit find themselves the target of griefing or harassment, please report the incident to the Trees of Mowry management staff. We will react accordingly. You may also opt to add them to your apartments security blacklist, and this is strongly encouraged. Information on how to operate the security system is elsewhere in this notecard.
  • You are not required to notify us when you wish to end your rental; simply let your rent expire. We will return objects abandoned after a rental ends and remove you from the tenant group.

How to rent

  • You can pay your rent directly to the rental box from a minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 12 weeks. To pay the rent click on the rental box with your right mouse button and select Pay.
  • Once you have paid your rent please go to our Rental Center and look for the managers panel. Send a message by clicking on the picture of one of the managers online and ask to be added to our group. YOU MUST join our group in order to have rights to place your objects on community land (and your house).
  • Some of the rental boxes will automatically send you a group invite to join our community group. If you receive the invite YOU MUST accept in order to have rights to place your objects on community land (and your house).
  • You can renew your lease at any time by paying the rent to the rental box.
  • Please, pay your rent before the lease expires. Be aware that if you forget to renew the house will be liable to be rented by others and your things will be returned to you. We are not responsible for any damage this may cause.


The East River Community is a federation of groups, thus each group has different managers. If you have any need related to your location please contact the manager of the relative group:

  • East River Community: Indigo Mertel
  • Great Tree of Mowry: Elisha Paklena, Mark Cassini
  • dj12 first land: dj12 Magic
  • East River Vineyards: Xi Larnia
  • East River Borough: Volchia Ferduccio
  • Dark Pleasures Estates: Ariana Blackheart
  • ERC Skiddaw Land: Clara Niosaki

We also have an inworld group for friends and supporters, and anyone wishing to be informed of our events. The group has free admission and you are welcome to join. Please search inworld for the East River Friendship Society.

For more general needs please send an IM to Indigo Mertel or Elisha Paklena.

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