Jam & Doll art exhibit at Art’e Gallery November 6th, 2015


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East River Community is proud to announce the opening of the exhibit at Art’e Gallery November, 6th, 1 PM SLT. The exhibit is curated by Oema.

Please join us at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Helvellyn/68/228/31


Doll (dolletjes resident)

Doll works the images she captures on Second Life. The choice of places and points that decides to immortalize is exquisite, delicate and essential as her.

If I were to give a synthetic “definition” of her unique way to making art, I would say that it is “calm”. Its’ a quiet style, the choice of images, colors she uses to give meaning and outline to her artistic subject.

Scrolling through her images on Flickr, it is impossible not to notice that her subjects are mainly landscapes, instants that contain the essence of a moment. That moment, that was to be reproduced and expressed as close as possible to the emotional state of the artist in that time.

A way to representing the “stolen moments”, the shots captured, it appears right now, “delicate”.

And that’s how you let soak, conquer, by her way to seeing the world, to the point that, watching her for a instant from her point of view, you feel for a moment like her, calm, quiet, delicate and full of a fine sensitivity.

White landscapes, candid, inhabited by solitary figures, in some cases by herself as the protagonist of the scene, but also places dreamy, lonely, surreal, geometrical shapes.

Idyllic visions of suspended moments.

The landscapes of Doll are never environments steeped in luxury and wealth, on the contrary, glimpses of a life essential, where one senses that the environment is lived, if not hardship, great effort.

The presence of those solitary, in her first most of the time, is a symbol, perhaps, of the intention of the artist to represent the loneliness of man, her loneliness, immersed in thoughts about transfigured in the blur of the surrounding area and White colorless.

And here, perhaps, the message that Doll wants to send through the stillness of the landscape: the man must not only watch, but must observe, not to simply be a presence-absence, but be alive and participant of those everyday moments that often observed casually.

Jam (gypsyjam01 resident)

I enjoy working with all mediums – acrylics are definitely my favourite although inks and wash, watercolours are close contenders….

I regard myself as a ‘jobbing artist’ who can turn her hand to most genres. Whether effects, tromp l’oeil, sculpture, fine or graphic art…

I have had quite a few private commissions for large murals in the past and love the effect such large works have.

I am also a colour-aholic. I love vibrant scenes that represent the way we see as children.

Contact me if you would like to see more….


Sail4Life Holds Silent Art Auction

Sail4Life, the Second Life sailing community’s Relay for Life team, will hold its Silent Art Auction, May 22-24. All sailors and landlubbers from across the grid are invited.

Original, one-of-a-kind, maritime-themed artwork by SL artists will be available for auction. An anonymous donor has volunteered to match the total donated in the auction kiosks. All proceeds go to Relay for Life. The artwork will be on display at the serene, seaside Holly Kai Park at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Holly%20Kai%20Estates/160/118/28

The Silent Art Auction begins with a party featuring DJ Joy Canadeo, Friday, May 22, 5-7 p.m., in the Holly Kai Park Party Pavilion at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Holly%20Kai%20Estates/191/150/21. The auction closes with a party featuring DJ G. Winz on Sunday, May 24, 3-5 p.m.

For more information, contact Winnie Sweetwater, chair, Sail4Life team.

Sail4Life Launches its Inaugural Triple Crown of Sailing


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Sail4Life, the Relay for Life team that represents Second Life’s sailing and water-oriented community, will launch its inaugural Triple of Crown of Sailing on April 25 at the Nantucket Yacht Club (NYC).

“The Triple Crown of Sailing is a series composed of three races,” said Delight, Sail4Life team co-captain. “Each race features a different type of sailing yacht. The series is based on a low point total.” Skippers will have no crew.

During the Triple Crown of Sailing, three clubs will host — Nantucket Yacht Club (NYC), Seychelles Yacht Club (SIYC), and Fishers Island Yacht Club (FIYC). Race #1 is April 25, 2-6 p.m., at NYC. Race #2 is May 16, 2-6 p.m., at SIYC. The final race is June 27, 2-6 p.m., at Plum Gut in Sailors Cove East, and sponsored by FIYC.

Parties to raise funds for Sail4Life/Relay for Life follow each race. NYC has scheduled a Guns N’ Roses party.

Registration to race closes April 23 at midnight. To register and for complete details, go to the SL Sailing Forum post and return the completed registration form to Gemma Vuckovic.

The winner of the Triple Crown will be announced at the Blake Sea Ball on July 11.
“I want everyone to participate in Sail for Life, even if they don’t sail,” said Delight. “I want people to enjoy the sailing sims. They are such a treasure.”

For more information about the Triple Crown of Sailing, Sail4Life, or its schedule of upcoming events, contact Winnie Sweetwater, Sail4Life team captain or Delight (otherwise known as Dian4ma Shen). A full calendar of upcoming Sail4Life events can be seen at http://teamup.com/ks164d24b3cfc2d414/.


Submitted by Moonshade Pastorelli, a member of the Sail4Life Committee

The Ambassador, a photo exhibit by Curious Foo


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You are invited to the opening of Curious Foo’s exhibit at the P:Arte Gallery, Saturday April 4th.

TheAmbassorInfoPosterI have been amateur photographer for the last 10 years and making collages for 2 years. Love to explore and examine geometry and curiosities around us. I love to put humour in my work and play with images creating something new.
34 years from Mediterran.

Bidding a fond farewell to the East River Municipal Airport Terminal



The terminal expansion as it was under construction in May 2011

Bidding a fond farewell to the East River Municipal Airport passenger terminal.  The terminal was constructed in late 2010 and expanded in May 2011 to the two gate configuration that had been in use until recently.

Large portions of the terminal were dismantled intact and are being stored in an undisclosed location for future community project reuse.

In addition to providing clearance to the widening of runway 9/25, new light aircraft (on grass) parking spots will occupy the remainder of the site.

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2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,400 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Hey Linden Lab, here some more suggestions for group management


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I bet Linden Lab is dealing with a deluge of suggestions through the new submission system right now. It’s like popping the cork from a bottle of a good Spumante wine. Second Life residents have been suggesting improvements for years without much of a sign from Linden Lab that they ever listened. This change is a much appreciated one and a further confirmation that Ebbe Altberg is committed to improving the communication between the company and its users. Kudos to Ebbe and all those Lindens who pushed for this change internally. My only remark is that I wish Linden Lab considered creating a submission system like uservoice.com, where people can vote and comment.

So, after a first suggestion for web-enabled groups, here are some more. As managers of a federation of groups as the East River Community we have a good experience in dealing with issues such as group rights, users and land management. From this experience we submit a list of improvements we wish we had so to facilitate the chore of managing an articulated community such as ours.

  • Please, let me edit the group name.
  • Allow owners to kill a group.
  • Add a note field for each group member. There is a need to add some information about group members.
  • Improve the interface of the group box. Why do we need to work with such small boxes?
  • Increase the number of group roles.
  • Increase the length of the role tag.
  • Allow a group manager to ban a user over all land owned by a group. Currently if a group owns a vast amount of land on Mainland split in many parcels, a banned user must be added to the ban list of each parcel. When a group owns tens or even hundreds of parcels this is a management nightmare.
  • Allow land management rights to more than one group. Say, a role-play community may have more than one group associated to it (a group for residents, one for managers, one for security) and all these groups need some rights over the community land. As it is today all these different actors must be added to the group owning the land and this is a real problem with the limited number of group roles we have. What I suggest is to have a more fine-grained system so that I can grant a subset of rights to additional groups over the main group’s land.
  • Allow to issue land rights by parcel to a user. A fairly common case for communities and estates is the need to issue rights to residents on a single parcel. In the case of our community, sometimes we give banning rights to trusted residents who rent houses in the community. However, we would prefer to issue this right only for a single parcel rather than the whole community land. The same applies to rights such as changing media streams, parcel descriptions, etc.

What is your experience with group and land management? Do you have more suggestions?

Linden Lab, this is my suggestion for Second Life


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In a recent post on its official blog Linden Lab announced a new way to share suggestions on how to improve Second Life. This is a welcome and much needed improvement and, frankly, Linden Lab should have done this long time ago. I have jumped at the opportunity right away and submitted a suggestion that I made back in July 2011. This is my submission: Improve groups and communication by creating a web interface to groups by implementing the following features:

  • A web page as a front-end with some degree of customization for group presentation.
  • A blog for group notices. Add logic to broadcast group posts to social networks. Add a subscription system for people who wants to receive automatic updates without being group members.
  • People should be able to subscribe to news and events and receives automatic notifications when events are about to start.
  • A small wiki to store information, images, files. The wiki and forum (or info stream) could also relieve group chats by part of the load stress they suffer today.
  • A forum with public and private sections. Having sections would be ideal to cover different needs in the same group, such as a private section for group officers. This could also be organized as an information stream the way Facebook or Google+ work.
  • Group owners should have the ability to make the group visible on the web.

Web-enabled groups could be more effective promotional and social tools, not only inworld but also on the web. There are thousands of groups in Second Life covering all kind of topics which could attract new users and better promote the myriads of activities in Second Life. This could be made as an additional service available to Premium members. This would give real value to Premium accounts and it is likely to increase the number of Premium accounts.

UPDATE: Read about more suggestions for group management in this post.


East River featured on Designing Worlds show on Treet.TV


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Don’t miss episode 251 of the Designing Worlds show on Treet.TV! In this episode Saffia Widdershins and Erik Merlin showcase the East River Community and interview community manager Drewsky Northman.

We wish to thank Saffia, Erik and the Treet.TV staff for giving us the opportunity to show our nice community.